Wednesday, March 24, 2004

I found this neat test about cheese(one of my favorite subjects) on Stef’s site. Below are my results.

I am mozzarella!

Like most supermarket’s Stop and Shop site. (my local supermarket) makes its own brand of Cheese Doodles called Che Bongos. We bought some last night and it tastes as good as Cheese Doodles. Plus I enjoy the name a lot more. LOL! Niel says it is cheesier and less buttery. Mmmmm cheesy!

Only a few more days left till my ebay selling ends.

The weather is really wonderful today. I know it is only in the 40's(Friday up to 60) and in other parts of the country it is already in the 70's, but I will take it. I am just worried once it does reach 70 and 80 it will be tooo warm for me.

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