Monday, February 09, 2004

I was folding the laundry in the bedroom watching The Grammy's. Niel was taking a nap on the couch while The Simpson's was taping. I enjoyed the Grammy's. It started out with a great performance by the purple king Prince and the multi talented Beyonce. I was happy she won a Grammy along with No Doubt and Outkast. The musical tribute for The Beatles sang by Sting, Vince Gill, Dave Matthews and Pharell was nice. There were so many good nominees for Best Rap Album and Best Album of the Year I was happy if any of the nominees won for either of those categories.
I thought it was hypocritical that Janet Jackson was banned. It was just a boob!!!If Brittany did the same thing she wouldn't have been banned. Justin who tore off the top was not banned. Hmmm is it because he is young and popular now? I am sorry that Janet's booby and the streaker overshadowed a great superbowl but I thought Aerosmith's terrible performance was the real debauchery. And I love Aerosmith!!
I couldn't believe that Justin Timberlake won for Best Male Performer. Pleeease! I enjoy pop music as the next person. The songs do stay in my head for days, but there is no substance. The award should have gone to George Harrison!!!! And I am not saying this because he died.
The biggest shock for me(no not Celine's mike not working or the short thank you speech by Andre 3000) was finding out that Richard Marx cowrite's songs with Luther Vandross. What the heck? Are you reading this A?
Favorite performances of the evening were The White Stripes and Prince with Beyonce.

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