Tuesday, February 03, 2004

I saw a funny site as I was going to an appointment. A guy was selling snowballs on the street for $5.00.
I just checked my blogpatrol and I am up to 1427 hits and 537 visitors. Like I asked before who are all you people?
A tasty recipe to make sloppy joe's from scratch.
Haven't been able to organize my wedding pics and put up all the frames I've made. When I come home from work there is dinner to be made and then I am too tired to do anything else. Sometime I muster up the energy to wash the dishes and run to the grocery store. But I am almost always asleep on the couch at the least by 10. All I want to do is have fun on the weekends so pictures organizing and other computer related activites don't always get done as quickly as I would like.
Plus I am going to submit an article to a magazine. I felt like I was going to swallow my heart I was so nervous. Niel gave me a pep talk and I felt better. I'll just cross my fingers and hope for the best.
I've been looking for other craft fairs to sell the frames at but haven't had much like finding any for the spring and summer. Which surprises me. All the craft fairs I have found in the New York area are for the fall. I asked to be sent information anyway.

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