Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Well the snow was not that bad at all. New York City only got 8" of snow. Boo hoo. The city schools are closed. Most of my coworkers are home and I am here. The commute was not that bad. Atleast I have the yummy Chicken and Dumplings Niel made last night for dinner to look forward to for lunch and possibly trecking to Old Navy to look for new clothes.
The Oscar Nominees are out. I am glad that The Lord of The Rings got nominated for a few things. I do hope they win for best picture. I am surprised Whale Rider did not get nominated. I am happy the actress who played the lead did. I was also happy to see that Ken Watanabe got nominated for a supporting role in The Last Samurai. I remember him from Sixteen Candles. I think he is currently on ER. Although I did not watch Whale Rider(I really want to) all the trailers I saw, the movie looks great. I won't see The Last Samurai even if Ken Watanabe is in it. I don't care for Tom Cruise.
We watched American Idol last night. Still funny!!!

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