Thursday, January 08, 2004

I am really enjoying reading The Burning Tigris. Although I don’t know if people on the train who might see me reading the book would agree with me. The ranges of emotions on my face go from pure anger to tears. I know it is a bad thing to say but I truly hate the Turkish government and I hope that they are and will suffer greatly in hell.
The book is very well written and the author Balakian did his research very well. From what I have read, besides diving into Armenian history it also mentions in detail American history. I am a history buff. I love learning about past events. I wished I paid more attention in school. But since the books I read now are not assigned to me I find them more enjoyable. Although it could have been that most textbooks are just boring.
I recommend this book to anyone that has any interest in learning more about American history as well as Armenian history. All my life when I told people what my heritage was they looked at me like I said I was from outer space. Armenia was once a great kingdom full of inventors, artist, and other fine people. Our land stretched all the way to some parts of Iran. But after many conquerings(oddly enough we aren’t good fighters) we only have about 10% of what we originally had. But I guess that is most of the world. The 30 pages I have read so far have given me even more pride about being an Armenian. True I only lived there for 5 years of my life but Armenians brought me up. I was lucky and unlucky in ways to experience both cultures because neither culture accepted me as their own. But I still love where I am from and where I reside and believe me some days it is hard to remember this.
My coworker Elaine(who will be back to work on Monday..YAY!) and I discuss a wide variety of subjects politics, food, history, bodily functions, food, co-workers, food…(have I mentioned we adore food and discuss it at great lengths?) She knows a great deal about history and I am always so amazed at the information she has to share about history. It is nice knowing more about the country I live in as well as the country I was born in.
Also my studies are going well. Who knew I knew so much about weddings and who knew there is still so much to learn.
I have a love hate relationship with exercise. I love to hate it. It isn’t that it is hard but I get very lazy. I am trying hard to exercise. Before we left for the West Coast I climbed more stairs then I had to before and after work. It helped for a while to shed some weight. However I got tired from all the walking we did on our trip that when I got back I just rode the escalator. But I am back to climbing those stairs.

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