Thursday, December 18, 2003

It was soo windy getting into work this morning. It was a struggle to cross the street. I work in the best building in the world. The Bubba Gump Shrimp company opened a restaurant in our building and the smell of cooking shrimp permiates in the lobby putting me in a good mood. That of course soon ends as I walk in here. I guess I am lucky to be working and smelling shrimp.
I am thinking of selling some things I have never used and did not know why I bought. Niel was right. I would grow tired of them. So I will try ebay first and then a yard sale.
I made a yummy dinner last night. I found a recipe for baked chicken(we usually always bake ours). I put 4 large chicken parts, you can also use 8 small ones, in a zip lock plastic bag, I added a quarter cup of bread crumbs, and powdered ranch dressing. I shook it all together and let it cook for about an hour at 375. Holy smoke was that tasty. For a side dish I nuked 6 potatoes, peeled them and mashed them up, I then put in 8 ounces of cream cheese, a quarter cup of sour cream, 2 large egges, chives and 1/4 cup melted butter, smashed it all together and popped it in the oven until the top was golden brown. Oh my I wish I made that for a Thanksgiving side dish instead of my three onion mashed potatoes. The three onions over took the flavor of the potatoes.
I put our Habenero plant in the living room. Big mistake. The leaves on the poor thing fell off so fast. I put it back in the kitchen. Why did I move it? The plant was doing well there. The only plant that seems to be growing well in our darkly lit living room is a huge plant I bought from home. I don't know what kind it is. God how I love potatoes.

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