Monday, November 17, 2003

The weekend was a good one. Saturday we lounged around the apartment till mid afternoon to watch Back To The Future . We both love that movie. We made our way to area stores to attempt to do some last minute Christmas shopping and find some things we wanted.
We understood why we do not go to Queens Center Mall any longer. That place packs the same amount of people in Roosevelt Field Mall but with a quarter of the space. It was so crowded and everyone was moving so slowly. We only stayed there five minutes to go to Kaybee Toys .
Sunday was a Swedish morning. We had Swedish Pancakes with Lingonberry Jam. Yummy! The pancakes came out great. I tried a recipe for crepe since the last Swedish pancake recipe I tried came out like crap. But I added more flour and sugar to it. Tasty! Then we put up some bamboo shades we bought from Ikea . a few weeks back. They bring a bit more light to the apartment. Our old shades were either from the previous tenant or ones the landlord put up. Either way they were a bit hagard looking. I did laundry and then we went food shopping and had Niel's mom over for dinner. The cooking I did this weekend came out really well! I was very proud of myself. Saturday for dinner I made eggplant parmesan. I didn't use a recipe for once. I just sliced up the eggplants as thin as I could. My knife skills are not that great. I soaked it in egg then I put it in flavored breadcrumbs, fried it in olive oil and baked it with mozzerrella cheese, some parmesan cheese, and tomato sauce with Italian herbs. Sunday I made bbq chicken in the crockpot. I just put chicken pieces, a can of condensed tomatoe sauce, chopped onions, Worchester sauce, salt and vinegar. Then I watched another favorite movie The Wizard of Oz . Glad that a lot of olide but goodie movies are on lately.
I so wish it was still the weekend. Mondays are so very stressful!

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