Thursday, November 20, 2003

Niel and I have been really lucky with parking lately. When we went out for our anniversary we found parking in front of the restaurant. And later in the evening when we went to get coffee and sweets we found parking across the street. This never happens to us! It was nice.
Last night we drove back into the city to get a folding table. And we got parking right across the street. That was great because it was raining pretty hard last night. Besides the aggravating traffic it was nice to drive into the city and see all the lights. It was especially pretty around Rockefeller Center with the twinkling lights on the trees. Sometimes I wish we could live in Manhattan or in Brooklyn Heights. Ahh I can dream. Folding tables are a handy thing to have. We will need it for Thanksgiving. We comparison-shopped and finally found a table that was inexpensive. It was the last folding table in the store. HAH! Last year we used Niel's computer table to put the food on. We did it buffet style. Besides Thanksgiving it will be good to have for when I go to craft fairs to try to sell the frames. (I have 22 completed frames) Speaking of craft fairs. I might go to one the weekend of Thanksgiving at a nearby church. I unfortunately missed two of them already because of timing.

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