Monday, November 10, 2003

In the end I made six dozen cupcakes. I had to throw out the last two dozen. They were terrible. We ended taking three dozen to the pancake breakfast and kept a dozen for ourselves. I wished I threw out about six of the cupcakes I took along with us. They were too hard. I tried to make it from scratch and but did not make it light enough. Thank goodness the other 2 and a half dozen were edible and all were sold. Niel had a great idea for one dozen of the cupcakes. We made them to look like polar bear paws. I hope to have a picture up soon. Since we do not use Snapfish any longer for film developing nor do we have a digital camera yet so it takes longer for digitals.
One of the scouts made really good cake. He said he wants to be a chef. I think he will make it. I ran into a yucky person and this is what the next statement is about.
Pet Peeve: Do not talk to me after two years and then start talking again and pretend I was the one that stopped speaking to you. Grow up and take the stick out of your butt. I wasn't the one that blocked your email and ignored you every time I saw you. So you can't stop talking to me and then try to talk to me again.
This is why I believe it is better to be a hermit. People are way too much trouble.

We did end up seeing The Matrix Revolutions . It was better than the second one. I still didn't like it as much as the first.
When I couldn't sleep Saturday morning I got up and watched t.v. . I couldn't believe it but The Littles were on. I hadn't seen this cartoon in a loooong time. I was so happy to see it again.

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