Thursday, November 13, 2003

I am a person who enjoys routine. I find comfort in knowing what will happen at a certain time. Niel and I going to work together. Eating dinner between certain hours. Setting time aside for studying and projects. Cleaning on Friday nights. I also like reading particular blogs daily. I need them to deal with the day. I like reading what my husband writes. I look forward to hearing that a certain someone is going to be published. How someone else is doing with their menagerie of animals and so on. Even though I don't know the last two of these people and probably won't ever meet them and I guess it is a little voyeristic that everyone has blogs and reads them, but I enjoy it. And boy did I need to read them today. One of the supervisors in a another dept. called one of his employees a fucking idiot. I thought this was totally uncalled for. The woman is not an idiot. She works very hard. Much harder than the supervisor who is going through personal problems and took it out on her and probably feels a bit threatned by her work ethic. Plus work is stressful because of the quote of selling a certain amount of ads for special sections. With that said I better get back to work. Oh goodie.

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