Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Well well well Gaddafi says he is no longer Arab. I think I will be Amish then.
I might be going to my first craft show next weekend. So excited. I hope I will sell some frames. I also ordered some business cards. The design is cute. It was a tough choice to pick just one. Luckily it was on sale! I thought going to craft shows, having the web site and maybe going to various craft stores to sell the frames would be a good start. I was thinking of expanding to include the mosaic pottery, maybe some jewelry, soap and candles. But one thing at a time. I still have to send out the paper work for the business end of it.
I have a real writer's block with the two kid's stories I have in mind. I am determined to finish them and mail them out. I even purchased a book to help me get started on how to possibly get them published. My at home/online classes for party planning begun also. So many things up in the air.

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