Monday, October 06, 2003

This weekend was aaaaaalot of fun. Saturday, Niel and I went to a Pumpkin Festival in Yaphank, NY(Suffolk County). It was way cheap to get in and it had a good deal of things to see and do. They had vendors, a food court, a petting zoo, pumpkin picking, farm animals, a butterfly exhibit, a corn maze, hay rides, face painting, inflatable rides for the kiddies. We took the hay ride, walked through the maze, picked our own pumpkin(super neat!), looked and petted super cute cows, took pictures of gigantic pigs (who were trying to escape), took pictures of a lama, went to see the butterflies (Monarch), ate some tasty corn, Philly cheese steaks, Gyro's and cheese fries, won some neat prizes (hee hee) and headed home. My favorite part was seeing Niel chase after a balloon a little kid lost.
On Sunday, we went to the city to Red Bull Flugtag . We heard about it before and saw commercials for it and thought it would be a neat thing to see. There were a lot of neat vehicles. My favorite was Mighty Mouse and Amadeus. It was also very crowded but not too cold which was surprising since we were by the water. Afterwards we got some lunch and went into FYE. After we were finished looking around, I picked up something for my parents for Christmas (yes I shop early) and we were waiting online behind these boys to pay. Then this guy gets in ahead of us. Niel says, " We were behind the boys". The guy looks at us and says "yes"? Then Niel says, "You are cutting the line!" The guy replies, "Yes I am". We were soooo shocked. Then we just get in front of him. Then he starts saying something in what we believe is French. I don't want to believe the stereotype that all French people have no manners (I find a lot of Americans don't either) but this guys sure was French and did not have any manners.
Also some yummy foods I made were Baked Spaghetti Pie (it tastes a lot like what my mother used to make when my brother and I were children and is tasty with salad) and Baked Apple Pancake . I also made some updates to my links corner. I added some info about Armenia, added more movies and added "a" friend's site. Take a looky.

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