Tuesday, October 07, 2003

In stupid news: Heard on the news some idiot man kept a tiger and an alligator in his apartment in Harlem. The tiger attacks him and he goes to a NYC hospital to get treated. They get suspicious, so he removes his IV(OUCH!!!) and goes to a hospital in Philadelphia where he gets arrested. Hmm I wonder why the tiger attacked you? Hmm maybe maybe could it be a wild animal that you mistreated, even a domesticated animal like a dog doesn't like sitting in its own urine and will attack. I am glad the ass is ok and that the animals were not put down.
In human to human stupid news a 12 year old boy kills himself and the mother is too blame because apparently she kept an untidy house. At least that is what the authorities are saying is the cause. That is the stupidest reason to blame a parent. Unless the woman had poop all over her walls and washed him in poop then you shouldn't charge the woman.
In cute news, there is a "guard dog" across the street from us who we give scraps to. Yesterday I saw that she is also feeding a family of cats. A mother who looks really small herself and three kittens. They are soooo cute. The dog I don't mind feeding because I am sure the company he "protects" feeds him, but I don't want the cats to get dependent on my feedings. The dog was so sweet; it didn't mind the cats eating the food. I tried to get a hold of them to take them in even though I have asthma, my landlord would probably evict us, and Niel would kill me. The weather is getting cold and I am worried they will freeze. But the guard dog is huge and furry and I am sure has an entrance to the factory so they will be worm. I also couldn't get through the fence. I am sure if I did I would have been scratched up by the mommy cat. If anyone wants to try ... please do.
I love making a lot of tasty food to eat for days. It is more affordable.
I took the crock pot out today. It will be nice to have dinner ready when we get home.

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