Friday, October 17, 2003

I tried to watch Sixteen Candles last night because our normal Thursday night programmings were in re runs:( Darn baseball. Darn Yankees.
Anyway I fell asleep(way to early as I always do) about midway and even though I have seen this movie over the years about a million times either from beginning to end or in full form I still wanted to see it. It is a very nostalgic movie for me. I wasn't old enough to appreciate it when it first came out, but it took me back to when I was younger and movies like that were forbidden in my household. But I would still manage to watch it somehow. After watching the movie I thought to myself wow that is what high school is like. It was disappointed to find out that it was so not like that. There were no dances, the cool kids did not turn out to be nice, and there were no showers in my high school. It was not cool at all. I got my "education" about American culture from Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, St. Elmo's Fire and so on. It turned out it was not like that at all in my little world. I don't know maybe during John Hugh's time or area of the country he was from it was.

I also can't believe the media decided the ball game was more important than the trajedy in Staten Island. I feel very badly for all involved.

It is Friday for Pete sake, why is there still so much work to do? I just want to go to the market, find Niel's boots, make dinner, eat dinner with my husband and clean the house! Days not all that bad, the editorial intern is playing good music like The Beatles, Coldplay and Fleetwood Mac and our receptionist who is like the office grandmother has candy out. I thought the candy was Mary Jane's which also took me back to my childhood but after closer examination the candy turned out to be Starburst. Not bad either. However I wasn't in a Starburst mood.

I have been hearing really bothersom coversations lately. Two of my coworkers were talking about baby food. One co worker said she made her own. Which is fine with me and I personally like the idea of making one's own baby food. Anyway the other coworker took it as a slight and made a snotty comment. What is it her business? If she doesn't want to make baby food from scratch for her kid then that is her business. Why did hearing about her coworker make it from scratch bother her? No one said she was a bad mother. Also two other coworkers were discussing their vacation plans. One coworker was going local while the other one farther away. One coworker made a comment about how much money the farther away trip would cost. It is none of his business. No one is saying oh look how poor you are that you can only go on a local vacation. No on was asking to borrow your money to go on the farther trip. Why do people have to make others feel bad just to make themselves feel good? I don't understand people. Why couldn't he or she say that is nice you are going on that trip or you can make baby food? Just because those people were doing things differently didn't mean the way they were doing it was wrong.

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