Thursday, October 02, 2003

I have the lungs of a 61 year old. This is what the asthma machine spitted out at me yesterday night at my primary doctor's office.
I went to get a check up after the episode in the hospital. Since I was there he checked my lungs and refilled my asthma meds.
He also told me that my aerosol meds will be taken off the market because the environmentalists feel it is hurting the ozone layer and in turn causing people who have asthma to get asthma. Let me go off on a tangent. I love the environment and animals (more than people at times because people are draining, confusing, thoughtless and frustrating and I am tired of giving chances, so I don't look like the bad person but either way I do so who cares..hey a tangent on a tangent) but I found this to be a load of crap. I can't breathe. I hope that study the "environmentalist" did is true. He did give me something new, which I found easy to take. My doctor actually told me the farting that cows do causes more damage to the environment than aerosol cans. I found this sooooooo funny. I thought he was making it up. Hee Hee Hee.

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