Friday, September 26, 2003

The recipe I used last night was not tasty at all so I won't even post it. It wasn't any better as left overs.
This weekend Niel will be camping with his troupe. I will miss him. I hope he has fun, is safe and his knees and back don't bother him. I hate sleeping alone. I know I did so for 26 years but I got so used to having Niel on the other side of the bed. Tonight I will do some laundry and clean. Tomorrow Maria and I are going to the movies. I am looking forward to it. Sunday Niel returns (YAY!) and we will head over to my parents house for dinner to celebrate my brother's birthday. I can't believe my younger brother will be 27. WOW. It will be nice to see his girlfriend again. She is so sweet!

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