Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Last night was the season premier of the Gilmore Girls. I was happy to be able to watch it again. It is a funny, thoughtful and well written show. Quality TV. After that we watched not so quality but still very funny TV. The Joe Schmo Show on Spike TV(channel 36) the first Men's Network. I cannot believe this guy is real. He is so naive. The actors who are supposed to be "real" people are so far fetched. I feel bad his feelings are being played with.
While watching TV, we ate Chicken Fried Steak and Herb & Cheese Fries both very tasty. It was good with the salad.
Some other interesting people on our bus route are The Candy Kid. He is a five year old who eats candy every morning on the bus while his mom reads romance novels. The other is the Smoking Old Lady. Why does she want to take away years when she is so old already? But I guess she is addicted to the nicotine?
In city news the Straphangers did not win their fight against the MTA fatcats. With a surplus they still raised our fare. The Mayor has made a deal with Snapple to have Snapple machines throughout the city. It is supposed to generate more revenue. I also heard that P.Diddy was in meetings with the Board of Education. He apparently wishes to donate money. I wonder if they will name a school after him either for business or music?

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