Saturday, July 19, 2003

Well it's day two and so far the herbs are doing good. The pepper herb even smells peppery. Niel got it for a great price. $1. If I remember correctly I saw something on The Food Network saying it is the hottest pepper. The Habenero.
I also bought some supplies to start making mosiac terra cotta potts and themed frames. I hope to sell them on ebay and on my own site. I hope they sell well. I have been inspired lately. I hope the inspiration does not stop.
My neck, head and shoulders have been bothering me laterly. Actually it started with my right arm, hand and shoulder. Finally after four months(darn greedy insurance) my doctor found out I have a bulging disc in my neck. I have no idea how this happened in my neck. So now those other places hurt as well. I understand why I have a bulging disc in my spine because of my weight. I am not a small women by any means but how did a disc bulge in my neck. I should be able to start physical therapy in two weeks. I hope it helps.

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