Saturday, December 03, 2005


What does a girl do when she can't get into Canada. Well after crying for about ten minutes and then having a McGriddle at McDonald's and pouting. Luckily she can book a trip to Disney World which comes out cheaper than going to Canada. And why am I talking in third person? Anyway our Air Canada tickets are non refundable so when we do go to Canada maybe in spring of 2006, or Summer or Fall, whenever in 2006 we will go they will be available. And thankfully we already bought 99% of our Christmas presents so this snafu is not sooooo bad. Why do you ask I could not get into Canada? Because apparently since the last time we visited Canada a mere two or three years ago a new law has been passed that one needs a passport. And why do I not have a passport because the freaking US Passport Agency is taking it sweet ass time. I feel like an idiot though. So hopefully around this time tomorrow Niel and I will be flying to Florida. Wish us luck. I guess it is a funny story. And now I have to add Montreal on my places in Canada to see.

A month before I am supposed to go on vacation I usually kind of forget about it. But always like clockwork a few days before a trip I get excited thinking that I will be getting on a plane to see a new city. To experience a way of life that is different than my own, if only for a short time. I think my favorite part is just the anticipation of it. Knowing its going to happen and researching the sites I will be visiting. This morning Niel and I are off to Montreal. This will be our first full trip to Canada. In 2003 or 2002 Niel and I took a side trip from Seattle to Victoria, British Columbia. A city I recommend visiting. It is quaint, charming, and the most British city in Canada. I've been to Montreal once when I was a very young. I hardly remember it at all though. All I remember really is the lovely Minestrone soup my family had at a restaurant. My brother brought up the soup when he was over for Thanksgiving. I'm glad he remembers it too. I've seen a good deal of American cities and there are still more I'd like to see, but I also love Canada and try to go whenever possible. Three more places in Canada left on my list to see are Vancouver, Toronto and Prince Edward Island.

Song Stuck In My Head: "Hey You" by Pink Floyd


Lisanne said...

Oh, wow ~ I hope that you guys have a great time! We honeymooned in Quebec City, and it was awesome! I love Canada! I've always wanted to go to Montreal, and it's not far from us at all. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!

Jessica said...

Have a great time! I would love to visit Canada someday.

Jessica said...

Dang! Now you need a passport? Great. I looked into getting them for the three of us. Lots of money!
Enjoy Florida!

Mike said...

Doh!!! Sorry to hear you couldn't get into Canada. I had heard about needing a passport from Rachel's dad, but I assumed you guys knew. Im surprised they didnt mention that to you when you bought the tickets. Oh well, all things happen for a reason. Im sure you will have a great time in Florida.

LadyGypsy said...

Tell my best buddy Mickey Mouse I said hello! Sorry Canada didn't work out for you -- gotta love our bureaucracy!

foodiechickie said...

Thanks Lisanne and Jessica. Hope I see it someday too. Heh heh.

Yeah it's strange Jessica I didn't need one a few years ago. Glad I didn't try driving there. Heh heh. Good luck getting your passports!

We both applied for our Passports Mike. Niel's came in and mine did not yet. So I stupidly assumed since my ID worked a few years ago that it would now.

Thanks Kim I definetly will. A few hours till flying out of snowy NY!

Mike said...

We almost didn't get to go on our cruise last year because we didn't have passports. Luckily we were able to expedite the process (for a hefty fee) and we got our passports in a few days.

A few years ago (pre sept 11) I was in Detroit for work and we were able to drive down into Candada by showing our drivers licenses. How times have changed.

Hopefully the snow lets up and you guys can get out. Have fun and have a turkey leg for the rest of us :-).

Jesser said...

Isn't that weird!?!? Hubby and I both thot that law wasn't going into effect 'til like 2008, but when we all went to Bahamas, my BIL had to get a passport to go. He was the only one w/o one and it had to be expidited.... caching!$$$$

The Silent K said...

A New Yorker wanting to visit us in the T dot. I'm moved.

Your Torontonian friend,

foodiechickie said...

We got in perfectly fine to Canada after 9-11 and thought that law wasn't going to go into effect till 2008 like Jess said. But nope. But Florida was a blast!

I wish I could have done that Jess but I was too late.

Thanks Krista and welcome. It's my second trip to Canada. I love Canada. The first time was to Victoria, B.C. I eventually got over being mad that I couldn't get in. It was really bearocriousy.